Self-catering castle holiday for families and groups of up to 12 people. The Castle has seven spacious bedrooms, with accommodation for up to 12 adults + 2 camp beds for children or your stay-over visitors.


The ground floor contains a large dining room and kitchen with a table that seats twelve
The first floor is a bright living room where old Chief Donagh O' Fogartie would have entertained guests in front of the great open hearth fire place.

Chief O' Fogartie's Suite 

The Original master bedroom of Chieftain Donagh O Fogartie, occupying almost an entire floor. It has a vaulted ceiling, large windows, king size bed, and an ensuite bathroom - situated over the secret room.


The Purcell Suite

Lock yourself away in modern comfort in the open plan 'penthouse' apartment with large bedroom, study area, loo, and bath. Lie in bed or the rolltop bath and survey all of County Tipperary through the specatucular glass gables. Or sit out on the roof patio with a glass of wine and take it all in.


Lady Emily Trant's Room

A beautiful room with a vaulted arch ceiling and two arrow loops. Has a single bed + a camper bed.


The Murder Room

Immediately over the entrance passages, this room had two murder holes in the floor, for greeting unwelcome guests with hot liquids. Has a single bed + a camper bed.

Seomra Black Jack 

A large room that looks towards Thurles town where Black Jack Fogarty went from the Castle in 1850, after being made destitute by the Great Famine. A double bed.


Seomra Cormack

Overlooks the home from which the Cormack brothers were taken to their execution, after being wrongly accused of murdering John Ellis. Contains two singles - separate or together.


Seomra Ellis

A double bedroom which overlooks the graveyard where the murdered land agent, John Ellis, is buried.

The spiral stairs in Killahara is in its original form and in excellent condition. Unusually, it has hand rail. Movement between levels is therefore relatively easy. Nevertheless it is an ancient stone structure spanning 5 levels and there are various common-sense safety precautions that we ask all guests to observe in relation to the stairs as well as doorways and passage ways. If you would like to see a copy of these before you decide to make a booking, we will gladly email a copy to you.