Terry Coady's Oak Table & Chairs

The newest addition to the castle is this beautiful hand made oak table and charids by terry Coady. The tabletop is 3 inches thick and weights 400 lbs alone!

Terry Coady's Oak Door

We recently installed a new front door on the castle. Terry Coady show's us the Oak Door he has created in his Fethard workshop. Terry can create bespoke pieces from photo's or drawings.

Fionn and the Legend of the Blood Emeralds - Taster Video

n 2014, the castle was used as the set for a dramatic reading of Tom O'Neill's book Fionn and the Legend of the Blood Emeralds. Watch the taster video opposite to get a flavour.

RTÉ Nationwide

28th October, 2011

Nationwide visits tourist attractions around the country including the restoration of a 16th century tower house at Killahara Castle.

Europe's Starter Castles

The New York Times – Charles Wilson – March 2011 
Photo credit: Harf Zimmermann for The New York Times

The Irish writer Tom O’Neill and his restoration-specialist friend Noel Ryan bought this 16th-century Irish castle in 2006 and undertook a thorough conservation effort — renovating the building to a comfortable standard while doing the minimum amount of structural change. Including the restoration, O’Neill and Ryan spent more than $1.25 million on the castle; at its current asking price, they would not quite break even. While O’Neill waits to find a buyer, he has taken to renting out the place for weekends. ‘‘We haven’t put in a TV,’’ O’Neill says. "All you hear outside is an owl and sometimes the rooks. The silence and the sense of previous generations seeps into you."

Wanted: A buyer in it for keeps

The Sunday Times – Siobhán McGuire – 26th Sept, 2010.

… The restored castle is a seven bedroom house with more than 3,000 sq ft of living space over five floors. At the top is a self-contained penthouse with glass gables. Wide windows on all floors also make the lower levels bright, dispelling the notion that castle are gloomy. "A side effect of the 1862 restoration work is they widened the windows on the lower floor" says O'Neill. 'It was fortunate because there is light on every floor." 

In Tipperary, a castle that earns its keep

The Irish Times – Michael Parsons – Thu, Nov 12, 2009.

… But Killahara Castle’s new crowning glory is a glass-walled, self-contained, penthouse apartment built on the battlements. Carlsberg don’t do vistas but, if they did, then the commanding views from this quintessential bachelor pad are guaranteed to bring a smile to the eyes of any red-blooded Irishman. The Gaelic Elysian Fields, stretching out to the far horizons, offer glimpses of the floodlights towering over the GAA’s Semple Stadium; the Dovea AI station; the Garda college at Templemore; Slievenamon; and the Devil’s Bit mountain. Who needs Tuscany?

Tipp castle back to life

Irish Country Living – Yvonne Kerr – 23rd May, 2009.

… Every nook and cranny has been put to use. Even the "secret" stone tunnels lead to toilets and showers. The castle sleeps 12 people in seven bedrooms, with a snippet of local history on each door. What was the "murder room" humorously encourages less murderous greetings for visitors who bore you.

Very grand designs

Irish Country Living – Yvonne Kerr – 6th Sept, 2008.

The castle's interior is quite cosy already; with its 8.5' thick limestone walls and wooden floors you can almost hear the resident ghost Black lack Fogarty whispering "thank you". A 500 year-old winding staircase that weaves up through the castle needs no work, but other steps have been replaced using stone from local rail bridges. "Its just stuff I picked up over the years," Noel says, as if he's talking about collecting stamps. 

Doing up our castle

Irish Country Living – Yvonne Kerr – Sat, 24th May, 2008.

… The conservation project is extremely green, with most of the pitch pine for the floors salvaged and recycled from a prison and industrial premises in Liverpool and old mills in other parts of the UK. Old church pews will also form part of the flooring. The most expensive part of the job wil be the heating. Cast iron radiators, or "rads", Patrick says. 'The idea is to do as little damage as possible, so everything is on the surface,' he explains. "All the copper piping will be exposed.''